What happens when you mash-up LEGO sets with futuristic robot designs? You get Mighty Micro Mechs!

LEGO’s Mighty Micros series are one of those series which I don’t think gets enough love (also, it was a sad day when the Mixels were retired). If you haven’t seen them in the shops, for about $16AUD, you get two fun little builds and two unique Marvel/DC minifigs. The best thing about these? It’s the expressions on the faces of the minfigs. They’re just a lot of fun.

That said, I’m not that into cars. I much prefer mechs.

Maybe it was growing up on a diet of cartoons like Transformers, Voltron, Robotech and the early Power Rangers. But the idea of creating robots or giant suits of mechanical armour has always appealed to me.

Introducing the Mighty Micro Mechs!

My current building project is converting the Mighty Micros series into piloted mechs. I’m using the original cars as insipiration and reusing as many of the parts as I can.

Just like the Mighty Micros that all use the same scale and wheelbase, I’ve created a basic model which I customise for each minifig. Here are the results so far!

From a photography perspective, it’s a nice change to shoot something a bit bigger than your standard minifig. The articulation means I can get some fun poses and opportunities for practical effects.

Build your own Mini Mech!


These little mechs are pretty easy to build. If you want to give them a go, I’ve recreated it in LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) and uploaded the instructions.

The only ‘tricky’ part is the angled 1×1 clip on the legs. They’re angled at about 45 degrees. everything else should be pretty straightforward.

Also, once you have a bit of play, the core ‘cockpit’ scales up nicely for something a little bigger.


If you make your own, I’d love to see what you come up with. Tag @brickpixels on Instagram or post on the Brick Pixels Facebook Page


*QUICK FIX* – Before you download the instructions, there’s an error in them with how I’ve recreated the back. Here’s an alternative for it. I’ll get onto creating new instructions soon(ish)updatedback

Download the Mini Mech instructions (PDF)