Ever had an idea that didn’t quite translate to camera the way you expected? Yep. Me too.

Team Yellow have been travelling with me a for a while and I thought a hide-and-seek scene would look great with these little characters.

So, I grabbed a bunch of stuff on the desk and set up the shot – but it I wasn’t happy with what came out.

The biggest issue? The lighting was pretty average with the window in the background. The lights in the room didn’t help.

The minifig in the pencil case was lost in the shadow and the one in the pen pot also felt too high.

The DUPLO on the desk also felt a bit forced as a hiding spot – although, to be honest there’s usually DUPLO on the desk from the kids!

Changing the angle helped a bit but it still wasn’t great.

Time to hit the pause button. Sleep on it and try again.

Next day, I rearranged everything.

With the light source coming from the left, the scene was lit a lot better and I introduced the lens and mouse to replace the pencil pot and DUPLO for a more “typical” desk scene.

The result? Light-years ahead! This is the shot straight out of the camera, ready for a few edits.

What about you? Have you ever revisited an idea to get a better shot?