Hands down, my favourite place to take photos is out and about where people are. Here in Adelaide, it doesn’t get much better than the side streets, alley ways and open-air spaces in the city’s CBD.

When I first started LEGO photography, I was working in the CBD. Naturally, the streets and buildings became the backdrops of my early photos. In those days, I was playing around with techniques, angles, styles and Instagram.

A few years on and I don’t get to the CBD much. But when I do, I’ll stash a few minfigs and camera in my bag with the hope of getting a shot or two. Keep reading for some tips on taking photos around this great city and a short gallery of photos, taken over the years.

LEGO photo opportunities in Adelaide


If you’re planning to head to the Adelaide CBD for your own LEGO photo shoot, there are lots of opportunities for great photos with backdrops such as iconic sculptures, buildings and street-art.

Rundle Mall

If it’s your first time and you don’t mind lots of people around, start at Rundle Mall. You  have the “Malls Balls” (The Spheres), the Rundle Mall Pigs, Rundle Mall Fountain and a view of the Rundle Lantern (great at night). On top of that, you have a bunch of easy-access alleyways and side streets that are littered with small street art.

North Terrace

If you want a longer walk, North Terrace has plenty of interesting architecture, nature spaces and sculptures. The northen side is arguably better to work with for interesting backgrounds and buildings. There’s the SAHMRI building (or “the Cheese Grater”), Convention Centre, Adelaide Railway Station/Casino (worth walking through), Parliament House, South Australian Museum, South Australian Art Gallery, Adelaide University and more.

Adelaide Botanic Gardens

If you want more of a ‘natural’ environment, the Adelaide Botanic Gardens are at the top end of North Terrace and offers a lot of great nature photos. Take your time and find the ‘hidden’ paths for some great shots. Head there during the golden hours if you can.

Hindley Street

An extension of Rundle Mall to the west, I highly recommend tackling this one during the day. Nights on Hindley Street have stories of their own. Again, you have a lot to discover when it comes to side streets, alleyways and street art. Some of the updated side streets like Peel St., Bank St. and Leigh St. all look great. As you head further west, you’ll end up in the fresh, new UniSA campus which offers some unique architecture.

Adelaide on Instagram


If you’re looking for a bit more exposure for your Instagram photos, there are a few accounts and hashtags worth using. These are all Adelaide-focused and are long-time supporters of Instagram users, often liking/commenting/re-gramming online – and in print!

If you’re taking LEGO photos, you can also tag the Southern Bricks LEGO User Group (@sblugau #sblugau)

Brick Pixels in Adelaide


Here’s a collection of some of the photos I’ve taken around the Adelaide CBD over the years. Some are more recent, some are from the early days when all I had was my trusty HTC One X!

For more photos, follow BrickPixels on Instagram! If you’re around Adelaide taking LEGO photos, feel free to tag me. I’d love to see them.


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