Ever wanted a minifigure of your favourite character but LEGO don’t make it? Maybe you’re looking for that special part or a printed tile. Your best bet may be to look for a custom parts maker.

Here are a few of the best who use official LEGO parts.

Note: BrickPixels isn’t affiliated with any of these sites or receive benefits. Just honest-to-goodness positive feedback 🙂

FireStar Toys

Ok, let’s start here. If you were looking for a one-stop-shop, this would be the best place to begin. I’m a fan of their custom board games, drinks and scooters, but there’s a lot more to see there.

FireStar Toys have a really good range of their own custom parts but ON TOP of that, they sell custom minifigures and accessories from number of others. Here’s a quick look at who else they stock:

Custom Minifigures

  • Minifigures.com
  • Brick Affliction
  • Jasbrick
  • LeYiLeBrick
  • G Bricks

Custom parts

  • BrickArms
  • BrickForge
  • BrickWarriors
  • SI-DAN
  • Arealight

If you’re looking for official LEGO minifigure parts and accessories, they sell those too. While you may find some of the official parts cheaper on BrickLink, convenience wins out if you’re placing a large order.

FireStar Toys also has their ‘star points’ loyalty program. You earn  ‎1 ‘star point’ for every ‎£1 and 100 star points =  ‎£5. So it’s basically a 5% ‘discount’.

Visit FirestarToys.com


Ever thought “I wish there was a minifigure of…” – well you may just find it here. Minifgures.com has a number of popular categories including Flim & TV, gaming, political and originals to name a few.

Both the quality of the print and detail in the designs make these some of the best custom LEGO minifigures you’ll find online.

Like other online stores, they have a loyalty rewards program, free delivery, worldwide shipping and even offer the chance to win ‘minibucks’ by sending in your photos.

Visit Minifigures.com

Citizen Brick

Another top custom maker, Citizen Brick have a range of printed minifigures, parts and accessories. If you’re looking for a slightly more ‘adult’ or ‘alternative’ take on LEGO, this would be the place to come.

Some of the highlights in their store are their zombie parts (awesome variety), custom heads/faces (the ‘neutral’ face is brilliant) and custom minifigure sets.

They also have an interesting take on the loyalty program with their ‘Stud Club’. Instead of points going towards store credit, you can purchase Citizen Brick Stud Club merch. It’s a nice idea for the fans. The Neutral Mug looks good and the Badge Brick would be a plus for people who regularly display at conventions/shows. Free shipping at 100 points could be worth it too.

Visit Citizen Brick

Who have we missed?

It’s a short list – so who have we missed? Are there any custom LEGO minifigure shops that you suggest? Leave a comment and let us know so we can include them in our post!


One thought on “How to find quality custom LEGO minifigures and accessories

  1. Stupid article is going to cost me thousands now that I have found more places to buy LEGO’s. That’s all I need is more LEGO’s. Just kidding. Keep up the great work with the articles. Love them. You guys rock.

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