Taking photos of LEGO® can sometime get a little… static. More and more LEGO photographers are starting to user more effects in their shots to make them more dynamic. The results can be fantastic, bringing the minifigures to life.

Hungarian Legographer, Benedek Lampert, has been using a mix of practical effects and digital effects to give his Star Wars themed LEGO photography a greater sense of action. Whether it’s exploding sand, falling snow or a subtle fog, the time Benedek has put into capturing the right effects have paid off.


If you want to see more of Benedek’s fantastic work, head over to his Facebook Page, FigsFanPhotos where he has plenty more great shots using practical effects.

Thanks to Benedek for providing me with these great shots for use on the blog. Here’s an awesome bonus shot too. Dirt bikes may not have been in Star Wars but if they were, this is probably how’d they be used 🙂


Have you tried using practical effects before? Share a link to your shots in the comments below!


All images used with permission


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