Light is the thing that makes a photo possible, it’s what the camera captures to make the picture. Just like how the sun makes everything visible during the day, a camera needs light to take a picture.

Different types of light can make a photo look different. For example, if you take a picture outside on a sunny day, the light is bright, and the colours are very vibrant. But if you take a picture on a cloudy day, the light is softer, and the colours might look more muted. If you take a picture inside, you might need to use a flash to add light to the picture.

Here are some photos taken at different times of the day (and night!).

You can also use light to create a certain mood in your photos. For example, if you want to make a picture look scary, you could take it in a dark room with just a little bit of light. If you want to make a picture look happy, you could take it outside on a sunny day.

Try changing the direction the light is coming from too. Light creates brighter and darker areas of your scene and can also cast shadows that make your photos interesting. See how shadows and spotlights make these photos more dynamic.

The sun is low in the sky in the early evening, casting long shadows
Catching light peering through the shadows

So, when you’re taking a picture, think about the light and how it might affect your photo. Try taking the same picture in different lighting conditions and see how it looks different. You can also try moving around to see if you can find a spot where the light is better.

So, playing with light is fun, it’s like painting with colours, but instead of colours you use light!

Ideas & Inspiration

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