If you grew up with LEGO® sets anywhere between the 70’s and 90’s, you would be familiar with the Space theme. Legographer, Rob (Agaethon29 has taken his appreciation of the classic theme and given it a modern makeover with his ‘Nova Team’ series.

Rob combines great photos, effects, custom Minifigure parts and narrative to create stories about his futuristic team of space adventurers. The result is a cocktail of LEGO photography awesomeness.

Take a look at some of the awesome scene’s he has created in his Nova Team series, “Intruder Alert” which features the appearance of a personal favourite – Blacktron.

Nova Team - Intruder Alert 1: Radar Blip

Intruder Alert 2 - Red Alert

Intruder Alert 3 - Battle Stations

Intruder Alert 4: Nova Team Standing By

Intruder Alert 5: Blacktron is Back!

Intruder Alert 6 - Run for Your Life!

Intruder Alert 7 - Under Fire

Intruder Alert 8 - Federation Scum!

Intruder Alert 9 - Blaster Dance

Intruder Alert 10 - Stresses of War

Intruder Alert 11 - Stick ‘em Up!

Intruder Alert 12 - Syphoning the Power

Intruder Alert 13 - Escaping!

Intruder Alert 14 - Energy Blast!

Intruder Alert 15 - Hit the Deck!

Intruder Alert 16 - Escape Vector

Intruder Alert 17 - Epilogue

If you like these photos, make sure you check out the rest of Rob’s work over on his Flickr account. He also builds great LEGO models with a Classic Space flair.


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