Pigs in Rundle Mall
Winning photo for The City

Who would have thought that a small project taking photos of Lego would land me a cover photo on Adelaide City’s local newspaper, The City?

Since #MinifigMarch wrapped up, I’ve been continuing the Lego adventure on Instagram where I’ve ‘met’ a lot of great people there along the way from the Lego community and from around Adelaide who have encouraged and inspired me in my Lego photography. So when the The City’s competition came along, I jumped at the chance to share one of my latest photos that mixed the two.

Looking at some of the other entries to the competition, I saw there were a few other Instagrammers who submitted entries and thought I’d take some time to share a few of my favourite local accounts with you, especially for those new to the social network.

Here are a nine of my favourite local Adelaide Instagram accounts to follow:

On the street

When it comes to urban shots in Adelaide, two of my favourites are @OliverParker and @Innocenttuto. Oliver’s eye for symmetry and architecture draws you into each photo and Fridays will make your brain work a little harder with Oliver’s #ThankFlipItsFriday. Jonathan Innocent’s street photography is classy, stylish and captures the goings on of Adelaide’s CBD. He also has some great thoughts and ideas to share about how we can make the city centre better.


What’s an Instagram list without foodies? In Adelaide, there are LOTS! It’s tough to choose who to write about but I can’t go past Christina Soong from @thehungryaustralian who’s food shots always look amazing whether they’re from a local restaurant or from her studio. I’ve found my mouth watering more than once when looking at her photos. Another couple of accounts worth following to stay in-the-know with the latest food happenings are @onthechoppingboard, a small team of food bloggers and @mcfuzzlebuttsmanchen who seems to report from just about every food event these days.

Big kids with toys

Toy photography is a thing – and it’s not just Lego and ‘toys’ aren’t just your run-of-the-mill Big W variety either. A lot of people are spending big bucks on premium toys and also sharing photos on Instagram.

@XLII and @TweetingRed are two Adelaide toy photographers and have been a source of inspiration for me as they both enjoy getting outdoors to shoot. @Xlii’s recent adventures have been geocaching with Lego and @TweetingRed’s growing Toy Story family of toys regularly get out and enjoy whatever the weather throws at them.

Community champions

What’s a social community without those people who are out there everyday liking, commenting and sharing? My two favourites have to be @katejm – who seems to be following just about everyone in Adelaide and the @instagramadelaide account that’s making an effort to organise face-to-face events and connect local Instagrammers.

Adelaide Hashtags

Finally, a social media isn’t the same without hashtags and on Instagram, try these instead of the usual #Adelaide tag if you want to connect with other locals (if you know of more, let me know and I’ll add it to the list):

Adelaide is alive and kicking on Instagram and this is just a small handful of the hundreds of others out there. If you have a favourite Adelaide Instagram account, I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment and let me know what it is and a link to your favourite photo of theirs!


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